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Since 2007, Game Day Sports has been providing thousands of Baseball & Softball players with the best equipment and customer service in the industry!

Tee Ball Bats

Playing Tee Ball is the entry point for introducing many young players to the game of baseball or softball. At this level, little sluggers are taught the proper technique of how to hit a ball. To accomplish this, Game Day Sports offers a wide variety of Tee Ball Bats specifically designed to only hit baseballs or softballs placed on a tee. 

Tee Ball Bats come in various lengths and weights. They are extremely lightweight since the goal for players 6 years old and younger is to learn proper hitting techniques and not trying to muscle one over the fence. Again, these bats are designed to only hit baseballs or softballs placed on a tee, not for hitting live pitching.  For the most part, Tee Ball Bats are crafted from aluminum alloy, but composite models are becoming popular. The most important factors when selecting a bat for tee ballers are length and weight. Like other categories of bats, Tee Ball Bats feature a length to weight ratio, commonly known as 'drop'. Defined as the number of ounces a bat weighs compared to its length in inches, the higher the number, the lighter the bat. This is important because the right bat length and weight will encourage better hitting mechanics and the proper swing speed at the plate. If it's too long or heavy, it will diminish the ability to swing the bat properly. The most common lengths of Tee Ball Bats are between 24" - 26" with the most popular ratio being a  (-12) drop.