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The Basics: Proper Baseball-Throwing Mechanics

The Basics: Proper Baseball-Throwing Mechanics

25th Aug 2017

As your team gets back into the swing of baseball this fall, going back to basics can help you avoid injury and restore muscle memory. Revisiting these fundamentals from time to time is essential for avoiding injury, improving accuracy and upping your overall game.

A solid foundation for baseball throwing includes high quality equipment and knowledge of proper mechanics. Here are some things to keep in mind when perfecting your throwing technique this season:


For a controlled throw, remember the four-seamed grip: tuck your thumb under the ball and grip your index and middle fingers across the two seams (resulting in four contact points with the seams). To practice, focus on pulling the ball from your glove with fingers across the seams when playing catch and warming up.

Hand Placement

From pulling the ball from your glove, to bringing it back around for the throw, consider the placement of your hand and thumb. Your palm should be facing away from your body, and your thumb should be turned towards your thigh as you grab the ball and circle around for your throw.

Glove Position

Remember to point your glove toward your target, and then bring it back and tuck it toward your chest as your throwing arm circles forward and your weight transfers to your front foot. This reinforces good balance and delivers powerful throw.

Elbow Height

The elbow of your throwing arm should be above the height of your shoulder in order to deliver an accurate throw that doesn’t risk damage to the tendons or muscles in the arm. Release the ball when it passes by your head, and follow through in a fluid, circular motion to complete the movement.

Want more throwing tips? Come by the store to talk with our knowledgeable staff! With over 40 combined years of retail and field experience, we’ll point you in the right direction for everything you need to perfect your techniques and improve your baseball or softball game. Whether you’re in need of your first glove or an upgrade to the very best gear in the sport, we’ll make your purchasing experience easy so you can focus on your game.